Interior Detail Package

All vinyl, plastic, cup holders, ash trays and storage compartments are meticulously cleaned and conditioned. Then the carpets, seats, seat belts, sun visors, headliner, floor mats and trunk are all meticulously cleaned and shampooed.

  • Carpets, floormats and seats will be vacuumed, cleaned and shampooed.
  • Panels and dash are cleaned and dressed with protectant.
  • Door jambs, door panels and other linings are cleaned and dressed.
  • The trunk will be vacuumed.
  • All mirrors and glass will be cleaned.
  • If your car has leather, we condition and clean to look brand new.
  • We also offer odor elimination.

Exterior Car Detailing Package

Vehicles are completely hand-washed, all bugs and tar are removed. Door jambs, trunk jambs, hood jambs, fender wells and wheels are degreased and pressure washed. Your vehicle is then meticulously hand-clayed to remove all impurities from the paint surface and hand-dried. If needed, a compound is used to remove any scratches and/or oxidation, etc. A swirl remover is then used, when needed, to remove any swirls.

  • We  carefully wash the car by hand with car-safe chemicals and cleaning utilities.
  • We dry with chamois cloth to ensure no water spots are left.
  • Removal of tar, sap and dirt.
  • Light scratches are buffed, oxidation is removed and swirl marks can be removed.
  • Car wax that protects for 3 months.
  • Tires and wheels are cleaned and dressed.
  • All exterior glass is cleaned.

Ultimate Protection Detailing Package

  • Car is hand washed
  • Tires and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed
  • Car is dried with a chamois to help remove any water spots that can remain after a wash.
  • Sap, bug and tar removal.
  • Rain-X applied to windows after windows and mirrors are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Clay bar is done to help remove contaminents on the car’s surface so that wax lasts longer and paint looks better.
  • Polishing is done to remove light scratches and swirl marks.
  • A high gloss sealant is applied for up to six months of protection.
  • Vinyl is cleaned and dressed accordingly.
  • The interior is thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed.
  • Dashboard and all plastic is cleaned and polished.
  • Interior windows and mirrors are cleaned with no streaks left.
  • Leather treatment and fabric protection is applied.
  • Odor eliminator helps remove smoke smell and freshen air.

Additional Services

  • Headlight restoration – Clean and resurfacing of headlights to improve visual appearance and enhance visibility at night.
  • Pet hair removal
  • Swirl mark removal